I apologize! I delivered an update on the Kickstarter page last week and forgot to copy it over here.

I finally found a tracking number from the printing company, and the advanced copies of the books will arrive Monday. The last I heard from the printer itself was on July 18. They had forgotten the endpapers on the hardcovers, so they had to go back and insert them, even though they had the instructions for them all along. This added to the delay, as I had to approve the plates. The endpapers are important, because all the information originally on the back of the softcovers had to be moved inside for the hardcovers. They also accidentally snipped off a bit of the copyright of book 1 on the hardcover edition, but that one we’re going to live with.

It’s disappointing that after two books, we’re going to be going with a different printer for book 3. There’s a Chicago-based printer (Print Ninja) that several other Kickstarters have used. Hiveworks is testing the printer with Sister Claire. If everything goes smoothly, we’ll shift the Namesake printing to them for book 3. I apologize that I don’t have anything more, but I wanted to make sure you guys are in the loop.

The books are on track to be delivered in mid-to-late September. All I need to do is sign off on the advanced copies once they reach my greedy little hands on Monday!

We are still accepting pre-orders and still have some of the hardcover allotment left! You can pre-order on the Namesake store. Note that if you order a physical copy of the book, it does include the ebook, so you don’t need to order that separately.

We’re already planning ahead and discussing the cover and associated short story for book 3 when it comes out next year since chapter 15 is the final chapter of book 3. Book 3 is the first of the books that was laid out from start-to-finish in InDesign, which cuts down on production time significantly. I’ve also explored the book-specific features of InDesign more, which is helping as well.