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Bonus Material
It's a good idea ... really!
Happy New Year!
Guest art: The Tin Man and the Maiden
Gone to FanExpo
Happy New Year!
Namesake Kickstarter!
Namesake: Vol. 1 - Cover
Will you be our valentine?
Kickstarter update
Last day!
We're off to TCAF!
Sketches #1
Sketches #2
Happy anniversary to us!
Happy Halloween!
Sneak peek
Fanart: Warrick and Selva by Liralicia
Fanart: Warrick and Emma by forbiddenshadow
Fanart: Wicked Guys by Xamag
Fanart: Dolls by Atta651
Fanart: Emma Crewe by thetickinghearts
Fanart: Poppies by boum
The Kickstarter for book 2 is here!
The great shipping war of 2013
Bonus update: First page of Warrick short story!
Namesake cast!
Come visit us at TCAF!
Come visit us at Philly Comic-Con!
Alice and the cats
Book 4: The story so far ...
Down the yellow brick rabbit hole
Alice and the cats: All grown up
Guest Art: Ran Brown
Creators and composers
Rippers' day off
Guest Art: Alice Liddell
Happy New Year from Namesake!
Announcement : Knot
Happy Valentine's Day!
Pre-order "Knot"
Join us at MoCCA!
TCAF 2014: Geronimo!
Toon crew
SPX update
Happy anniversary!
Halloween 2014: Guardians of the Namesakes
Isa's new job
Happy 2015!
Guest art: media-rama
Be our Valentine?
Guest art: Emma and Warrick
Guest art: Emma and Elaine
Namesake relationship chart
Book 5: The story so far
Hurray, it's TCAF time!
Our little sleeper
Master of Instruments
Alice by Nicole Chartrand
Guest art: Warrick and Selva
Otakon 2015
Party time!
We're headed to SPX!
It's our 5th anniversary!
We're at NYCC!
Gravity Oz
We're headed to the UK!
Namesake in 2016
You're always our Valentine
Come see us at ECCC!
Break time!
Guest art: Choppers by corny
Emma, Warrick, and Selva
Flame Con
See you at Dragon Con!
Painting the roses red
Six years and counting
Happy Halloween!
Heart as a Shield, Live by the Sword
Still our Valentine!
We're having a Kickstarter!
Kickstarter update: Emma
We're at ECCC!
Kickstarter update: Warrick
Kickstarter update: Selva
Ever After AU
Voltron AU
It's TCAF time again!
New and improved chapter 8
DragonCon 2017
Jack and Penta
Book 3 is available in the store!
Lucky number
Beyond the vines redux
The History of Namesake
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