My computer is in the shop this week. I needed a new Motherboard, so off it went.

As my own computer is currently being fixed up, i’ve been using my fiancé’s computer to relax rather then work. We’d been playing Broken Age (by Double fine), which is, so far, really cool. I love point and click adventure games. I’m not much of a gamer. But I love these. Maybe because the stress level is lower then real-time games… In any case, I started telling said Fiancé about my favorite point in clicks as a kid : the King’s Quest series. King’s Quest VII, a Disney-esque adventure titled “Princeless Bride” hit me right in the middle of my Disney Renaissance obsession, so you can bet it became one of my absolute favorites.

Going thru a Let’s play of it made me realize that King’s Quest VII may have settled nicely in my subconscious because it seems to have a couple of very “Namesake” like elements. Such as the cursor Symbol being a small white crown. And the protagonists travelling to magical worlds in a whirling portal. And one of the protagonists getting an extra life from a cat. And a bunch of other things.

See images here.

So i’m a bit taken aback by how something I played about 14 years ago still has a strong influence on my brain.

Now I just want to play it again.