While hunting to double-check a reference for a future page, I ran across a Calliope aside from April 2011, when we were still in book 1 and Calliope wasn’t been seen a lot:

Alice: “I haven’t done anything for FOUR MONTHS.” ARE WE EVEN MAIN CHARACTERS ANYMORE?????
Jack: Awww, Al, it’s not that bad.
Alice: Say you. It’s only been two months since we’ve seen you!
Jack: You know what they say, baby. I drive up the page views. *wink*
Wendy: ALICE. Remember, Jason said no decapitating Jack with the vorpal sword … again.
Alice: Last time didn’t count! It was a clone!
Lemuel: Well, not so much a clone, but a Jack animatronic that I cobbled together. Sure looked realistic, huh?
Jack: I was impressed that you made it anatomically correct … and I’m never going to share a gym locker with you again.
Alice: *fume*

For those who need a memory jolt, Jason is the current head of Calliope. Alice referred to Lemuel back in chapter 2. His Arsenal jersey is still endangered.

I also found one of the earlier drafts of chapter 1. Isa ordered me to burn it. How can you burn Gmail? Oh well! FIRE. *skips off*

Note: My husband glanced over as I typed that last sentence and went, “Well, that’s not worrying at all.”