Hi folks!

I wanted to give a gentle reminder to our amazing fans: anyone is allowed to ship whoever they want in the comic, whether or not canon says differently. We have canon pairings, but if you disagree with us and want to play with your own, that’s perfectly fine and encouraged. Squee, do fanart, write fanfic, create elaborate spaghetti art. Creativity and joy in your ship and in the story is an awesome thing.

However, please, please do not berate people who have different ships from your own. Do not talk down to them, do not threaten them, do not tell them they are wrong in not shipping your ship. It is fine to disagree and to discuss why you agree or disagree with a particular pairing, but do so civilly. Remember that there is a person on the other end of the computer screen, and they have feelings too. Just because you’re viewing pixels and not seeing them face-to-face doesn’t give you the right to troll or harass them for their choices.

Have fun and play nice, everyone. Please. We will be deleting the comments of those that don’t. Thank you!