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The prologue introduces us to Namesakes, who have the power to travel to different worlds in order to maintain the universe's balance. We also meet Alice Liddell, a young girl whose travels to Wonderland become the basis of a famous novel, and her Writer, Lewis Carroll.
Sep 01, 2010The journey begins
Sep 02, 2010Prologue - Cover
Sep 04, 2010Prologue - Page 1
Sep 09, 2010Prologue - Page 3
Sep 11, 2010Prologue - Page 4
Sep 14, 2010Prologue - Page 5
Sep 16, 2010Prologue - Page 6
Sep 18, 2010Prologue - Page 7
Sep 21, 2010Prologue - Page 8

Chapter 1

Chapter One introduces us to Emma Crewe, her sister Elaine, and her best friend Ben. When Emma and Ben are charged with fetching Elaine from the library, they emerge with an illegally checked-out book and a life-altering experience.
Sep 25, 2010Fulfilling roles
Sep 28, 2010Introducing Emma
Sep 30, 2010Hermit-style yoga
Oct 09, 2010Strangely familiar
Oct 12, 2010Appreciating music
Oct 14, 2010Meetings
Oct 16, 2010Bad things
Oct 21, 2010Look at her
Oct 23, 201046
Oct 26, 2010Ignite
Oct 28, 2010On permanent loan
Oct 30, 2010Run!
Nov 02, 2010Who you really are
Nov 04, 2010Uh oh …

Chapter 2

Chapter Two introduces us to Calliope, a group concerned about the strange events at a Toronto-area library. Meanwhile, Emma discovers that the land of Oz isn't like the movie at all as she meets a pair of odd witches and a very helpful Munchkin.
Nov 09, 2010Chapter 2 - Cover
Nov 13, 2010Welcome to Oz
Nov 16, 2010Alice
Nov 20, 2010Strange looks
Nov 23, 2010Something wrong
Nov 25, 2010Something sharp
Nov 27, 2010Tiny fists of fury
Nov 30, 2010Too easy
Dec 02, 2010Take what off?!
Dec 07, 2010Stage crash
Dec 09, 2010Purse
Dec 11, 2010Don't mock me
Dec 14, 2010Ten-fold
Dec 18, 2010Wake up
Dec 21, 2010Not over yet
Dec 23, 2010Dorothy procedure
Dec 30, 2010Switch
Jan 06, 2011... don't I?
Jan 08, 2011Warrick

Chapter 3

Chapter Three introduces us to Warrick Chopper, his "assistant" Chiseri, and to General Jinjur, who is still trying to claim her share of the Ozite throne. As we are brought up to date with events in Oz since the first Dorothy arrived, Jack is doing his best to convince Elaine not to call the police on him.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Emma meets the Scarecrow, who traveled with Dorothy a long time ago. Her efforts to rescue him put her on a collision course to meeting the Wicked Warlock of the West, who is determined to track down Anlise.

Chapter 5

In chapter 5, Warrick decides that Emma is useless ... but quickly changes his mind when they are forced to confront a bewitched Anlise.
May 07, 2011Morning
May 17, 2011Fails to qualify
May 19, 2011The shrine visit
May 21, 2011The invisible wall
May 24, 2011Hold this
May 26, 2011What Emma found
May 28, 2011Toto
May 31, 2011Bad dog
Jun 02, 2011Snack time
Jun 04, 2011Still useful
Jun 07, 2011Time to go
Jun 11, 2011Anlise's arrival
Jun 14, 2011The approach
Jun 16, 2011Taking care of it
Jun 21, 2011Failed attempts
Jun 23, 2011Rooted
Jun 25, 2011Quiet
Jun 28, 2011The red door
Jun 30, 2011Hunted
Jul 05, 2011Poking at vines
Jul 07, 2011Ripped out
Jul 09, 2011No pulse
Jul 12, 2011He's back
Jul 19, 2011Memory issues


In the first Intermission, Lewis Carroll is called in by the Liddell family to figure out what's wrong with Alice.
Jul 23, 2011Invitation to tea
Jul 26, 2011Splash
Jul 28, 2011Alice in the pond
Jul 30, 2011Highly improper
Aug 02, 2011Reflection
Aug 04, 2011Hysteria
Aug 06, 2011Human emotions
Aug 09, 2011The accident
Aug 13, 2011Return to sender
Aug 16, 2011The Cheshire Cat

Chapter 6

In chapter 6, Elaine decides that the best way to conquer your enemy is to brainwash them, Jack gets a surprise early morning visit, and 46's botched mission leads to an introduction of her fellow Rippers, Nose and Fish.
Aug 20, 2011Staring card
Aug 23, 2011The Lima syndrome
Aug 27, 2011The cake is a ...
Aug 30, 2011Fred
Sep 01, 2011So serious
Sep 03, 2011Hopes and dreams
Sep 06, 2011Boxers
Sep 08, 2011New, new Namesake
Sep 20, 2011Unnoticed
Sep 22, 2011Fish and Bird
Sep 24, 2011Fish eats Bird
Sep 27, 2011Cheers, darling!
Oct 01, 2011Writah
Oct 04, 2011Bookcase

Chapter 7

In chapter 7, Warrick shares the story of how he lost his heart, and the effect it had on him and his twin sister, Selva.
Oct 11, 2011Patching up Elag
Oct 15, 2011Got that?
Oct 22, 2011The removed heart
Oct 27, 2011Mother's visit
Nov 01, 2011Invitation
Nov 05, 2011The first lesson
Nov 08, 2011Mending
Nov 10, 2011Troublemakers
Nov 12, 2011Nighttime
Nov 15, 2011The Dorothy's Wake
Nov 26, 2011Useful knowledge
Nov 29, 2011The closet monster
Dec 01, 2011Running again
Dec 03, 2011Sword bite
Dec 08, 2011Completely broken
Dec 10, 2011Like his father
Dec 13, 2011Intervention
Dec 17, 2011Realization
Dec 20, 2011What did I do?
Dec 22, 2011Warrick's journey
Dec 27, 2011The witch's home
Jan 05, 2012The pledge
Jan 07, 2012Extraction
Jan 10, 2012No more water
Jan 12, 2012Sleep forever

Chapter 8

In chapter 8, Warrick searches for General Jinjur, Jinjur searches for a way into the Emerald City, and Emma searches for a reason behind why she keeps fainting and forgetting.
Jan 31, 2012Thanks for ... ?
Feb 02, 2012Leaves
Feb 09, 2012Can I use fire?
Feb 11, 2012She loves me
Feb 16, 2012Not touching
Feb 18, 2012Magical odds
Feb 21, 2012The empty castle
Feb 23, 2012Jinjur's arrival
Feb 28, 2012A reason to revolt
Mar 03, 2012Trapped
Mar 06, 2012Warrick's limits
Mar 08, 2012The last orb
Mar 10, 2012Pulled down
Mar 13, 2012Between spaces
Mar 15, 2012Emma and the ghost
Mar 17, 2012Ties that bind
Mar 20, 2012Click your heels
Mar 22, 2012Alive ... for now
Mar 29, 2012Stop right there!

Chapter 9

In chapter 9, Warrick swallows his pride, Emma manages to get everyone out of a bad situation, and General Jinjur's assault on the city has unexpected consequences.
Apr 07, 2012A family affair
Apr 10, 2012A lack of talent
Apr 12, 2012Sulking
Apr 14, 2012Apology accepted
Apr 19, 2012Toward Ozma
Apr 21, 2012Twirling swords
Apr 28, 2012City in ruins
May 03, 2012Showing the way
May 10, 2012The fall
May 12, 2012Hang on
May 15, 2012The landing
May 17, 2012Trapped Emma
May 22, 2012Jinjur's help
May 24, 2012Glow
May 26, 2012Little witch
May 29, 2012Just a bit queasy
Jun 05, 2012Where is "it"?
Jun 07, 2012Keep "it" away
Jun 09, 2012The Scarecrow

Chapter 10

In chapter 10, a sacrifice is made as Emma and Warrick work together to rescue the Emerald City from a mysterious creature, and Emma proves once and for all that she's not the Dorothy everyone wants her to be.


In the second intermission, Alice Liddell is accepted into Calliope.

Chapter 11

In chapter 11, we see the aftermath of the battle in Emerald City as Renge explains how she became the Wizard of Oz, and Chiseri reveals his true identity to Warrick and Selva.

Chapter 12

In Chapter 12, Emma's return trip to her own world is derailed; Ben, Elaine, and Fred get a nasty surprise; and the Calliope crew discover Karen's disturbing secret before getting a surprise of their own.

Chapter 13

In chapter 13, Emma discovers that a half-botched seal following a portal-hopping can leave a nasty hangover, Calliope realizes how powerful Elaine is, and the Rippers make Game of Thrones look like a game of Candyland.

Chapter 14

In chapter 14, we check in with our Ozite friends. Warrick and Agha are on a quest to restore the tatters of Warrick's reputation while Selva reveals her fondest wish and Anlise nurses a broken heart.

Chapter 15

In chapter 15, we learn about Alice's childhood and how she first traveled to Wonderland as Calliope faces the Rippers and wind up on the losing end of the battle.
Jun 18, 2013Power spike
Jun 25, 2013Up on a rooftop
Jun 27, 2013Decoy
Jun 29, 2013Overpowered?
Jul 02, 2013Order to attack
Jul 04, 2013Alice's control
Jul 06, 2013Drown, boy!
Jul 09, 2013Please, stop!
Jul 13, 2013Tactical error
Jul 16, 2013Pulled away
Jul 18, 2013Whoops
Jul 23, 2013Not so yay
Jul 30, 2013Rippers
Aug 03, 2013Trapped space
Aug 08, 2013Who's the boss?
Aug 10, 2013Just Alice
Aug 13, 2013Illiterate
Aug 17, 2013Everyone's weird
Aug 20, 2013The face of One
Aug 22, 2013Future companion?
Aug 24, 2013The strange noise
Aug 27, 2013Alice meets Nose
Aug 29, 2013Rescue attempt
Aug 31, 2013Alice's great fall
Sep 05, 2013Mrow?
Sep 07, 2013Djinn


In the third intermission, we check in on Alice Liddell as she becomes a full-fledged member of Calliope and Lewis realizes his little Alice has grown up.

Chapter 16

In chapter 16, we are introduced to Daniel Crewe, Emma's father whose allegiance is questionable.

Chapter 17

In chapter 17, Emma dines with the devil while Calliope realizes that being stuck in a djinn's bottle can be used to their advantage.

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 involves running. Lots and lots of running. And long-awaited reunions.
Mar 20, 2014Party's over
Mar 22, 2014A strange noise
Mar 25, 2014Vine explosion
Mar 27, 2014Escape
Mar 29, 2014Changeling
Apr 01, 2014A real girl
Apr 08, 2014... and remember
Apr 15, 2014One last time
Apr 19, 2014Spotted
Apr 22, 2014Reunited
May 01, 2014Pushback
May 03, 2014Flash of memory
May 06, 2014Stabbed
May 08, 2014Sting and Venom
May 13, 2014Arrow
May 15, 2014A safe place
May 20, 2014Wake-up call
May 29, 2014Control
May 31, 2014Did we win?
Jun 05, 2014No regrets?

Chapter 19

After escaping the rubble of the Rippers' hideout, Emma, Elaine, Ben and the Calliope crew find themselves where it all began - back in Oz.
Jul 01, 2014Show yourself
Jul 03, 2014Cheerful thoughts
Jul 05, 2014Do it for her
Jul 08, 2014Time to wake up
Jul 10, 2014Properly real
Jul 15, 2014Here to help
Jul 17, 2014Bath time
Jul 19, 2014Heartbeat
Jul 22, 2014Ye of little faith
Jul 24, 2014The new wizard
Jul 26, 2014Reunion
Jul 29, 2014Scars
Aug 05, 2014The sisters' tales
Aug 07, 2014What about Dad?
Aug 21, 2014The king of crowns
Sep 02, 2014Calliope badge
Sep 04, 2014A good thing
Sep 09, 2014Ozma's visitor
Sep 11, 2014Warrick's vow
Sep 16, 2014His Mother's Son
Sep 20, 2014The mural
Sep 23, 2014Unwanted gift
Sep 25, 2014Emma gets angry
Sep 27, 2014Normal emotions
Sep 30, 2014Team Crewe
Oct 02, 2014Take the arm

Chapter 20

Emma, Elaine, Ben, Warrick, and Selva travel to Calliope, where they begin to undergo their training and prepare to visit a mysterious place called the Goblin Market.
Oct 11, 2014The first lesson
Oct 18, 2014Electricity
Oct 21, 2014The welcome mat
Oct 23, 2014Registration
Oct 25, 2014Assigned badges
Oct 28, 2014Elevator music
Nov 01, 2014Writers' rights
Nov 06, 2014Team Bulldozer
Nov 11, 2014Beds are amazing
Nov 13, 2014End of Day One
Nov 20, 2014Opening exercises
Nov 22, 2014Selva's Turn
Nov 25, 2014Data collection
Nov 27, 2014Level 2
Nov 29, 2014Nandita
Dec 02, 2014Living doll
Dec 04, 2014Power drain
Dec 06, 2014Job interview
Dec 09, 2014Tiny, tiny crush
Dec 11, 2014Fired
Dec 13, 2014Stinky
Dec 16, 2014Bark vs. bite
Dec 18, 2014The Pancake King
Jan 06, 2015You're hired
Jan 08, 2015Born when?
Jan 10, 2015Loose adaptation
Jan 13, 2015Afraid of the dark
Jan 15, 2015Connected
Jan 17, 2015Never again
Jan 20, 2015Trial by pain
Jan 22, 2015Shared pain
Jan 24, 2015Tiny scar
Jan 27, 2015A little Whisper
Feb 03, 2015Ghost reports
Feb 05, 2015Emma Ramos
Feb 07, 2015The broken mirror
Feb 17, 2015Dawn-ish
Feb 19, 2015The library
Feb 21, 2015Happy to help
Feb 26, 2015Su-Ying
Mar 03, 2015A good hug
Mar 05, 2015End of a dream
Mar 07, 2015Travelogue
Mar 10, 2015A bad influence?
Mar 14, 2015Good night?


In 1912, Alice Liddell and L. Frank Baum square off in the culmination of a bitter feud that leads to the foundation of the Writer's Guild.

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 is in progress.
May 02, 2015The feather
May 07, 2015Flames
May 21, 2015Assigned number
May 23, 2015Nose's new pet
May 28, 2015Free as a bird
Jun 02, 2015The firebird
Jun 04, 2015Flame and shield
Jun 09, 2015A little chat
Jun 11, 2015One's little test
Jun 18, 2015No other choice
Jun 23, 2015Alice vs. Vanessa
Jun 25, 2015Alice wakes up
Jun 30, 2015It stops time
Jul 02, 2015Never was
Jul 07, 2015Trinket checks
Jul 09, 2015Budapest
Jul 14, 2015The real truth
Jul 25, 2015Let me burn
Jul 28, 2015Sorry, sorry

Calliope Handbook

These are excerpts from the Calliope handbook that new members receive.

Emma's Christmas

Emma's family heads to France for Christmas, but she's never truly alone.

Alice and the Cats

When she gets a holiday break from her Calliope duties, Alice spends time with her family.


These are special pages that are not related to the ongoing storyline.
Jan 01, 2011Happy New Year!
Aug 25, 2011Gone to FanExpo
Dec 31, 2011Happy New Year!
Feb 15, 2012Kickstarter update
Feb 22, 2012Last day!
May 05, 2012We're off to TCAF!
Jun 12, 2012Sketches #1
Jun 14, 2012Sketches #2
Oct 30, 2012Happy Halloween!
Dec 04, 2012Sneak peek
Feb 25, 2013Namesake cast!
Jun 13, 20131900
Sep 10, 2013Alice and the cats
Nov 28, 2013Rippers' day off
Mar 28, 2014Pre-order "Knot"
Apr 05, 2014Join us at MoCCA!
Aug 02, 2014Valor
Aug 09, 2014Toon crew
Sep 13, 2014SPX update
Oct 04, 2014Happy anniversary!
Nov 04, 2014Isa's new job
Jan 03, 2015Happy 2015!
Feb 12, 2015Be our Valentine?
Feb 13, 2015Katsucon
Jun 06, 2015Our little sleeper
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