Hey gang, Isa here! I don't know if there's a lot of shonen manga readers in the audience, but folks who know me know I love a good manga-styled adventure, so I wanted to take a minute to promote a kickstater by a good pal of mine, Koti. Koti does a webcomic called Awaken (which can be read here) that is currently kickstarting their first book (click here to see the kickstarter).

Awaken is a story centered about Piras, a young hot-headed teen, which dreams of being a knight in his pseudo-modern kingdom, when he's accidentally handed a magical sword that sides him with the rebels and makes him a wanted man. Whoops. It happens. This story has a lot of what I like in shonen series. The wannabe modern-yet-old-school setting reminds me of Dragonball. And the way Koti works so hard on the action and backgrounds reminds me a lot of two of my favorite series, Bleach (pre-book-20) and Blue Exorcist (which is you haven't checked out, you should, because the backgrounds are nuts). Piras is a pretty fun character too. A bit of a classic hero. Koti and I share a lot of inspiration, so it's interesting to see where love of manga took her creativity.

I'd like to encourage you guys to check out Awaken, especially if you need adventure and monster busting. 

{Read Awaken}

{See the Kickstarter}

Here's a fanart for the road!


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