Hey guys! Isa here!

So, because I really really like Miraculous Ladybug, I decided to submit some designs to the current We love fine contest. If you are Ladybug fans like me and you'd love to wear some of my sweet sweet art on your equally awesome bod, please vote for my designs :

Design 1 (Butterfly) - http://community.welovefine.com/m/fan-forge/designs/Miraculous-Ladybug-and-Cat-Noir/list/id-481

Design 2 (moon) - http://community.welovefine.com/m/fan-forge/designs/Miraculous-Ladybug-and-Cat-Noir/list/id-480

Design 3 (blue) - http://community.welovefine.com/m/fan-forge/designs/Miraculous-Ladybug-and-Cat-Noir/list/id-483

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