Jan.30.14 at 11:57 am
My computer is in the shop this week. I needed a new Motherboard, so off it went.

As my own computer is currently being fixed up, i’ve been using my fiancé’s computer to relax rather then work. We’d been playing Broken Age (by Double fine), which is, so far, really cool. I love point and click adventure games. I’m not much of a gamer. But I love these. Maybe because the stress level is lower then real-time games… In any case, I started telling said Fiancé about my favorite point in clicks as a kid : the King’s Quest series. King’s Quest VII, a Disney-esque adventure titled “Princeless Bride” hit me right in the middle of my Disney Renaissance obsession, so you can bet it became one of my absolute favorites.

Going thru a Let’s play of it made me realize that King’s Quest VII may have settled nicely in my subconscious because it seems to have a couple of very “Namesake” like elements. Such as the cursor Symbol being a small white crown. And the protagonists travelling to magical worlds in a whirling portal. And one of the protagonists getting an extra life from a cat. And a bunch of other things.

See images here.

So i’m a bit taken aback by how something I played about 14 years ago still has a strong influence on my brain.

Now I just want to play it again.
Nov.11.13 at 01:53 pm
Any recommendations for cons you'd like to see Namesake at in 2014? East Coast cons (U.S. and Canada) preferable, we wouldn't be able to swing West Coast yet financially.
Nov.05.13 at 04:46 pm
Want to speculate on Namesake's plot without spoiling future readers of the story? Here's a home to do so! Just comment to this post. Beware that commenting means you're aware that spoilers are being discussed.

Remember, please be nice and courteous and have fun!
Nov.05.13 at 05:33 am
So, we apparently have a ghost issue with the last four pages of chapter 8, one that's puzzled me, Isa, and the IT folks for the past year and a half. Most people could see those pages, but for some reason a few couldn't. I finally sat down tonight and replaced those pages with the pages from the book version of vol. 2 to see if that fixed the issue.

If you were one of the folks who originally couldn't see those pages, please check now starting with this post. Please let us know if this didn't fix the issue. Sorry it took so long to squash the bugs!
Oct.31.13 at 01:15 pm
Hi, folks! Isa and I wanted to chat with you a little bit today about Comic Rocket.

We have several readers who use this service wonder why Namesake is no longer listed. We don't have anything against Comic Rocket. Isa's been chatting with the folks for several weeks, and they're really nice. However, we've chosen not to be with Comic Rocket because Hiveworks is developing its own reader tools where all the profits go directly to the creators -- in other words, me and Isa and the other artists and writers who work with Hiveworks. Some of those tools include its own mobile app, where the ads on it generate money that go directly to Hiveworks' artists and authors.

Why? Are we being greedy? Things like this always sound like we're being greedy. But, let me clue you guys in on something brewing behind the scenes -- Isa and I are trying to figure out a way for both us to work on comics more. Isa recently took a new job, helping to run Hiveworks, that will give her more time to do art. We also want me to have more time to write Namesake. But to do that, we have to replace part of my income, as I currently work a second job outside of my day job and Namesake to ensure the cats don't murder me and my husband in the middle of the night. Because they will.

We have a ton of comic ideas. I spent several days in Montreal with Isa last week working on Namesake and laying out the groundwork for a couple comics: one is the Chiseri/Adora short story that's the Kickstarter extra and another is a comic scheduled to debut at TCAF next year if we're accepted. We also have a few other planned projects that are being guarded fiercely by both Alices with their swords. We want to do more cons. We love comics, we love telling stories, and we especially love telling those stories together. But, we also need the time to tell those stories, and that's a precious commodity right now because both of us are so busy supporting our families. Thanks to Hiveworks giving us the best ads they can and to them promoting us, they're helping to make a future possible where we can dedicate more of our time to creating comics.

But, we supported a Kickstarter that made a lot money. Doesn't that help you? It sure did. All that money went into the printing and shipping of the books. The Namesake printing costs alone was nearly $22,000, which was 3/4s of the Kickstarter money. All the extra money beyond that is going to creating rewards and shipping the books -- which got a bit more expensive thanks to the post office raising their rates this year. That money wasn't, and was never intended to be, something we actually live off of. Once all the Kickstarters are sent, the money from the remaining books will go to me and Isa.

We love you guys immensely, you all know this. I hope that those who had utilized Comic Rocket to read our comic will continue to do so despite the inconvenience, and none of this was taken with any malicious intent. I love the idea of both them and inkOUTBREAK, where Namesake is still listed. It's nothing personal, both Isa and I just want to be able to afford to keep telling the best stories that we can.
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