Sep.01.13 at 07:56 pm
After a few days (and three tries), we got all the old comments imported! Hurray!
Aug.28.13 at 09:53 pm
Hey folks! This evening, we've updated the comment system on Namesake to use Disqus comments, which is in line now with other Hiveworks comics. This will do a lot to keep spam away from the comments.

The older comments are syncing with the new system, so if the comments look like they've disappeared, don't worry! They're all still there. Enjoy playing with the new toy!
Aug.03.13 at 10:18 am
I apologize! I delivered an update on the Kickstarter page last week and forgot to copy it over here.

I finally found a tracking number from the printing company, and the advanced copies of the books will arrive Monday. The last I heard from the printer itself was on July 18. They had forgotten the endpapers on the hardcovers, so they had to go back and insert them, even though they had the instructions for them all along. This added to the delay, as I had to approve the plates. The endpapers are important, because all the information originally on the back of the softcovers had to be moved inside for the hardcovers. They also accidentally snipped off a bit of the copyright of book 1 on the hardcover edition, but that one we're going to live with.

It's disappointing that after two books, we're going to be going with a different printer for book 3. There's a Chicago-based printer (Print Ninja) that several other Kickstarters have used. Hiveworks is testing the printer with Sister Claire. If everything goes smoothly, we'll shift the Namesake printing to them for book 3. I apologize that I don't have anything more, but I wanted to make sure you guys are in the loop.

The books are on track to be delivered in mid-to-late September. All I need to do is sign off on the advanced copies once they reach my greedy little hands on Monday!

We are still accepting pre-orders and still have some of the hardcover allotment left! You can pre-order on the Namesake store. Note that if you order a physical copy of the book, it does include the ebook, so you don't need to order that separately.

We're already planning ahead and discussing the cover and associated short story for book 3 when it comes out next year since chapter 15 is the final chapter of book 3. Book 3 is the first of the books that was laid out from start-to-finish in InDesign, which cuts down on production time significantly. I've also explored the book-specific features of InDesign more, which is helping as well.
Aug.02.13 at 11:38 am
Since I read a LOT of comics in all forms, I figured it would be interesting to start writing a couple of recommendation posts for you guys. Sharing the love for comics and all that. Here are a few webcomics i've been checking out lately. I haven't read all the archives for all of them, but I like what I see so far, so i'm recommending these bad boys.


Troll Tooth is a fantasy/fairytale story based very, very loosely off the story East of the Sun and West of the Moon. The comic follows the young princess Sfen as she journeys to save her abducted brother from an arranged marriage with a troll. Now, it's pretty obvious a fairy tale based plot is kinda my thing. But East of the sun is one of my favorites, and I love seeing awesome retellings of it. And this is an awesome retelling of it.

Link / Tumblr


For many years, Port Jupiter, Florida has housed one of America’s largest and most concentrated superhuman populations, with a long history of civil warfare and gang violence. But when the city is faced with a sudden increase in missing persons, someone finally takes matters into their own hands. And that someone is obviously a rag-tag band of misfits with superpowers. I always love stories that try to spin their own tale based on existing superhero stereotypes and tropes. This comic truly has fun with tropes, and is an intriguing coming of age story. Definitely a read for all you masked hero fans.

Link / Tumblr

The Weave

A story about mystery and magic in 1920’s New York, about a girl who’s luck suddenly takes a strange turn after she starts a new job working as a secretary for a house-bound businessman on a small secluded island in the Hudson Bay. I love the use of the 1920's, and I love that the creator is most likely going to play a lot with good old fairy lore. So yay! Also, loving the art.

Link / Tumblr

Heart of Roeses

An interesting take on Wonderland, where the people of the Hearts province no longer bear their own hearts. Instead, mechanisms resembling wind-up clocks have been inserted into their chests by their feared Queen, who holds the only key to wind their lives longer. Yeah. Missing hearts, fairy tale worlds, I know, I know. It's obvious where my loyalty lies. But it is a really good use of Wonderland. It's a place that is half-distressing, half-enchanting, as it should be. I recommend it to fans all over.

Link / Tumblr
Jul.21.13 at 04:27 am
Interesting find while cleaning out a box of papers: The original draft of the prologue and first chapter of Namesake. This is from late 2009. It’s handwritten because I wrote it during a couple of shifts at Bank of America, where all computer activity was logged so I didn’t want them to see what I was doing between phone calls, but now I do a good bit of the initial draft of Namesake material by hand.

I posted up the typed version of the prologue last year, but I’d forgotten about the first draft of chapter 1. The prologue was one of those rare instances where it was nailed on the first try, but Isa and I went through four or five radically different revisions of chapter 1 before we settled on the plot there, and then there was another revision (adding in Jack) while writing it.
 Here's the first page below, and you can view all the pages on my Tumblr.

Namesake prologue
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August 19-20, 2017
New York City

Dragon Con
September 1-4, 2017
Atlanta, Georgia