Mar.22.13 at 10:08 pm
So, the wallpaper download page has been neglected for a while. How about I draw some! Feel free to suggest some wallpaper ideas in the comments to this blog post. Which characters would you like? In costumes? Dynamic action? Being adorable? Drinking tea?

Also, I wanted to show you guys the covers I designed for the Namesake hardcovers. You can see book 1 HERE and book 2 HERE.

Book 2 took a couple of trials before I got ti right. Here's the rejected second version. Figured you Emma/Warrick fans might like that :

Mar.14.13 at 12:52 am
This comic by Lit Brick has awakened in me once again very strong opinions I have about the world of Oz. figured I could share them... perhaps start a fun discussion.

Ozma, from the “Oz” series, is what could be considered one of the classic “trans” characters. She spends a good deal of her childhood as a boy, transformed by a witch, and is turned back into a girl so she can rule Oz in her “true body”. But Ozma always kept certain elements from her previous form, including what seemed to be strong affection for her lady companions.

I strongly feel that Ozma, along with most of Oz, breaks the rules of heteronormativity. Because it’s a kid’s book, sexuality is never really explored, but gender roles are broken up. And some relationships can be seen as rather romantic bromances/companions. I think it’s natural to see most of Oz as "bisexual" or "asexual" in the sense that they don’t feel the need to stay in the normal heterosexual relationship unless they want to. Being an immortal means that you don’t have to spend your life doing what society tells you you have to do. You don't need to rush through life. You and your kids live forever! Eternity is too long to be unhappy. You spend it with whomever you want to, regardless of their physical characteristics. Everybody has preferences, but a lot of them seem to be based on personality and interests.

A true utopia has no gender or sexual roles. You stay with whomever makes you happy, kiss whomever you want, and kick Nome king ass.

That is truly the type of Oz that is found in Namesake. Which is why there's people in there like Renge and Anlise, and the Tin Man and Aimee. They want to be with each other  even if it would be seen as "strange" in certain parts of a world like ours. When love happens in Oz, it's an intriguing concept. Jinjur is a fun example too... Really to kick collective butts to get her husband back... She's a firecracker, that one.

Younger folks (like Selva and Warrick) would have a different attitude then the older folks, like the Scarecrow. While they are young, they might want things that the older immortals don’t want anymore (like having children). So the younger Ozites have a different motivation when they choose their companions then the older Ozites. Basically, it’s kindoff the difference between what a teenager wants, and a 40 year old wants from a relationship. So you might find more young Ozites in more classical gender roles then the older Ozites.

But I guess generally - my point is folks in Oz prioritize happiness.

(Edited for clarity).
Feb.25.13 at 05:42 am
As I'm doing the re-lettering/edit on book 2, I am trying to see if we can fix the issue with some pages of chapter 8 that folks keep having. I'm trying to do it without having to rebuild those pages entirely, which means we'd lose all the comments on the affected pages.

For those of you who have had an issue with some of the chapter 8 pages in the past, could you please check the following link to see if you're still having problems with the image on that page?

Thank you for the help! If this worked, then we know replacing the image will fix it. If not, then we'll rebuild those pages.
Feb.14.13 at 10:37 am
Hey folks! Quick note about Namesake vol. 1. We are taking it out of the store until the end of the Kickstarter to ensure there are enough copies for our Kickstarter backers. We'll be relisting it in both places -- Hivemill and Storenvy -- once the Kickstarter is finished and we do a final inventory count on them. The orders placed in the last couple of weeks will be shipped within the next two days. Thanks!
Nov.10.12 at 10:06 pm
Hey folks! As we're doing our art/editing passes for book 2, we're re-uploading some of the pages to match the book versions. Right now, we're working on chapter 6, and I still need to finish uploading chapters 4 and 5 from book 1. This doesn't contain any plot changes, just cleaning up art and giving the prose a good edit, as well as upsizing pages to our current style. If there's any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment!
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