Jul.12.15 at 02:35 am
Honestly, you guys should just expect that everything I draw is shiny.


Jul.07.15 at 12:46 pm


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Jun.29.15 at 01:50 pm

The colorful result of Sunday’s stream! I’ve been wanting to do a Sun-Moon-Stars themed image for a while.

Warrick got associated to the stars, along with vines (symbol of evolution) and a poppy (symbol of sleep, dreams, memories and resurrection - as well as Ozma). Emma is associated with the moon, hibiscus leaves (delicate beauty, royalty, immortal love) and a moonflower (dream of love) and baby’s breath (everlasting love). Elaine is the sun, with ivy leaves (friendship, fidelity, and affection) a rose (romantic love, selflessness) and baby’s breath (everlasting love).

Tumblr version
Jun.08.15 at 01:08 pm
I designed some news ads for Hiveworks. Check out the pretties!

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May.25.15 at 11:33 pm
Been rewatching the Musketeers on Netflix while inking so obviously, tonight’s inking warm-up is a swashbuckling Emma.
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