May.17.15 at 05:44 pm
Check out this fantastic Emma Gunkiss commissioned for me. SHE'S PERFECT and Gunkiss is theĀ best at drawing badass ladies.


May.05.15 at 02:22 pm
A super colorful fanart by Ari of young Bird.

May.02.15 at 11:49 am
So, the absolutely brilliant Annie Pollock, no content to wow us with the occasional fanart has draw an really long and beautiful fancomic.

Read the whole darn thing here.

But here's a sample to convince you it's DA BEST.

Apr.22.15 at 12:14 am
I drew adorable Namesake sticker designs and NEVER POSTED THEM.

What a crime. Here they are.

sticker sheet02
Apr.13.15 at 09:53 pm
Save the multiverse. Look hella fine doing it.

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