So, now's not the time to tell Emma there's no sharp, pointy objects in her room. Right?
Begone, demon frock!
Posted Jan.28.14 at 12:00 am
Good news, everyone! As I'm working on Kickstarter orders, I have been putting aside the slightly damaged books. They are now for sale in the Namesake store. I will be updating the listing as I come across more, so don't fret if they sell out. The hardcovers are $10 each and the softcovers are $5 each. These are slightly damaged copies. They can range from dented spines and cover edges to a couple of bends in the covers. The books, however, are perfectly readable. They just don't look as pretty as a pristine copy of the book.

The Kickstarter mailouts are still actively underway, so don't worry! You haven't been forgotten!
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