Main Cast

Emma Crewe

Our story’s protagonist, Emma is content to let the world coast by until she finds herself thrust into what she thinks is her worst nightmare … and it’s only going to go downhill from there.

Comics: 233
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: Introducing Emma

Elaine Crewe

Emma’s 15-year-old sister who is in grade 10. Very savvy with social media and has the curiosity streak that her elder sister lacks.

Comics: 80
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: Fulfilling roles

Ben Kench

Emma’s best friend from college, who doesn’t quite get why Emma would prefer to go hiking and practice yoga to playing a good video game. Oh, and don’t ask him what his full first name is …

Comics: 66
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: Introducing Emma

Warrick Chopper

The Wicked Warlock of the West … though the wicked part seems to be debatable depending on who you ask.

Comics: 124
Recent Appearance: The ghost of Emma Crewe
First Appearance: Warrick

Selva Chopper

The Wicked Witch of the East and Warrick’s sister. Originally cursed to be a purse, she's now helping Emma and Warrick find Ozma.

Comics: 63
Recent Appearance: Waking up, redux
First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Cover


A soldier that Alice has sent with Jack, he is tasked to keep Elaine and Ben safe while Calliope finds out what happened to Emma.

Comics: 45
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: The card soldier

Calliope – Present
Calliope is made up of current Namesakes.  Calliope, and its affiliated Writer’s Guild, observes and records a Namesake’s story and helps them to survive their journey … because bad things happen if they don’t.

Jack Wright

An agent of Calliope, Jack was sent to Canada to track down a Namesake, but winds up with more than he bargained for when Emma disappears in front of his eyes.

Comics: 63
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: Meetings

Alice Purcell

Jack’s boss and a Scouser to the core. Don’t get in between her and her sword. Emma’s appearance as a Namesake was not on the agenda, and she’s determined to find out why.

Comics: 69
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: Alice

Wendy Shepard

Alice’s assistant and quite possibly the most level-headed person among them. She’s heading to Canada with Alice.

Comics: 41
Recent Appearance: Spotted
First Appearance: Alice

Made up of some former Namesakes, along with other like-minded individuals, Rippers have chosen to give up their names in pursuit of their goal.


Also known as "46" and "Bird." A former member of Calliope, Vanessa has defected to the Rippers. She is tasked with obtaining the infamous red shoes, but everything doesn't go as planned.

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: What Nose took
First Appearance: Chapter 1: Dancer and the firebird


Also known as "55." A Ripper, he was tasked with retrieving the red shoes from Vanessa. But it looks like his path might cross with Emma Crewe in the very near future.

Comics: 55
Recent Appearance: Escape
First Appearance: Cheers, darling!


Also known as "72." She isn't the biggest fan of Vanessa -- as shown when she cons her fellow Ripper out of a valuable artifact.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Calliope Battle Tactic No. 8: Loot 'em blind
First Appearance: Fish and Bird

It’s been several hundred years since the first Dorothy arrived from the windswept plains of Kansas. Still governed by Princess Ozma, it’s been quite a few years since her loyal subjects have seen her. As poppies cover the land, and mortality begins to affect them, they wonder when the next Dorothy will come to save them.


Agha is the elected voice of her community … not that anyone bothers to listen to that. She decides to lead Emma to the Emerald City after seeing her kindness toward Selva.

Comics: 57
Recent Appearance: Waking up, redux
First Appearance: Welcome to Oz


The Good Witch of the North, who is tasked to give Emma the Dorothy Procedures. But there’s something not quite right about her …

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: Getting back to their duties
First Appearance: Not over yet


Warrick’s faithful companion who never fails to remind Warrick that he’s still upset that he wasn’t chosen to be Ozma’s caretaker.

Comics: 27
Recent Appearance: Namesake cast!
First Appearance: ... don't I?


The former Wicked Witch of the East. She lost the job when she got turned into a sparkly pair of silver footwear. Is currently residing on Emma’s feet and isn’t happy about it at all.

Comics: 40
Recent Appearance: Selva's busy morning
First Appearance: ... don't I?


The good general has emerged from retirement in the name of silks, jewels and anti-aging. She’s taken up residence in Warrick’s courtyard until he gets off his rear and finds Ozma before she gets wrinkles.

Comics: 29
Recent Appearance: Namesake cast!
First Appearance: Meanwhile, out in the West ...


The ruler of Oz. After a series of crushing blows, Ozma has disappeared. With her gone, the spell keeping Oz shielded from death and aging has started to fade.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Waking up, redux
First Appearance: Chapter 3 - Cover


The current Wizard of Oz, Renge is suspected of being behind Ozma’s disappearance. It’s not like her predecessors instilled any confidence in the role.

Comics: 30
Recent Appearance: Renge's priorities
First Appearance: Jinjur's point


A loyal friend of Ozma, Scarecrow is one of the very few still alive from when the original Dorothy saved Oz. Honorary uncle to Warrick and Selva, he joins Emma in her efforts to save Ozma and return home after Emma saves him from a most perilous fate.

Comics: 40
Recent Appearance: Emma's safe spot
First Appearance: Fire is not the solution to all problems

Adora Chopper

Adora is the daughter of Nick Chopper and Nimmie Aimee, created by Ozma from a flower. She grows up to become the Witch of the West at Ozma's request, but a traumatic event as a young woman leaves her heart shattered and two children.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Namesake cast!
First Appearance: Running again


Sabion is the sister of Jinjur's husband and leader of Glinda's army. At times exasperated with Jinjur, she might be secretly impressed with the resilience of her army. Might being the key word.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: Get out there and fix this
First Appearance: Stop right there!

Calliope – Past
In the years since she took her first Wonderland journey, Alice Liddell has discovered her powers have grown out of control. She learns that the organization tasked to recording her journey also can help her control her powers and protect the people around her.

Alice Liddell

In 1863, she was whirled away off a train to the magical land Underground - starting her on the path of being a Namesake and a journey that will reverberate through generations to come.

Comics: 35
Recent Appearance: Guest Art: Alice Liddell
First Appearance: Prologue - Cover

Lewis Carroll

As a young man, he was recruited to Calliope after a peer recognized his writing skills. Fate throws him into the path of Alice Liddell. Not only is he tasked to document her amazing journeys Underground, but he finds himself helping to shape her into the woman he knows she can be.

Comics: 28
Recent Appearance: The new writers
First Appearance: Prologue - Cover